Team Sponsorship

Earn 20% back in Barley Mow Bucks on the total net purchases on every visit to your local Barley Mow with your sports team.

Sign your team up online and start earning your points within the week.

How It Works:

Barley Bucks are accumulated based on the total amount of money that is spent before taxes.

Barley Bucks are only available to be spent in $100 increments on sales of $500 increments, please see chart below for examples.

Points are not transferrable between stores, they can only be earned and redeemed at one store.

Points are valid for one calendar year from the time you are signed up. Teams are allowed two team parties in one calendar year for redeeming their points.

Barley Bucks have no cash value. They cannot be redeemed for gift cards, gratuity or paid out in cash.

It is recommended to contact the store where your team is registered to reserve your team party.

It is the team’s responsibility to notify the server at the time of your visit of your team affiliation. Points cannot be added at a different date once the sale has been closed. It is also recommended that the team keep a copy of all of their bills to avoid any discrepancies.

Points cannot be earned on a bill where the Barley Bucks are redeemed.

**Barley Bucks**

The team is able to spend their Bucks in the following amounts:

$100 Barley Bucks = $500 spent
$200 Barley Bucks = $1000 spent
$300 Barley Bucks = $1500 spent
$400 Barley Bucks = $2000 spent
$500 Barley Bucks = $2500 spent


In honour of all of our Canadian Armed Forces Members (Veterans & currently serving), we'd like to offer a *20% discount on dine-in meals.
{*Not to be combined with already discounted items}