The Barley Mow Orleans

Established in 2006 located in the eastern part of the city that runs along the Ottawa River.

ADDRESS: 2034 Tenth Line Road, Ottawa, ON K4A 4X4 | TEL: (613) 841-5111 | EMAIL:
HOURS: Monday to Friday 11:00AM to 2:00AM, Saturday and Sunday 10:00AM to 2:00AM

Barley Mow Orleans - 2034 Tenth Line Road, Ottawa, ON K4A 4X4

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For same day reservations OR reservations of more than 10 people please contact us.
TEL: (613) 841-5111EMAIL:

{ Please note: NO RESERVATIONS for the patio, thank you for your understanding. }

Live Music October

11 – Brown Paper Bag
12 – Rapid Eye Review
13 – Eastbound of Bytown
18 – Brown Paper Bag
19 – Cory Ell
20 – Eric St-Cyr
25 – Brown Paper Bag
26 – Rory Gardiner
27 – Al Tambay


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